French Kitchen/Flower Shop -- Bluette Meloney miniature class

French Kitchen/Flower Shop -- Bluette Meloney

French Kitchen/Flower Shop -- Bluette Meloney0
Notice: Bluette is returning to teach a "very Special Class" in October to six or email now and reserve your place...My Doll House, Inc.

French Kitchen/Flower Shop -- Bluette Meloney
October 1-October 5, 2004
5-day class
Limited to 8 serious students
Tuition: 775.00
A charming and inviting country scene You can almost smell the tantalizing aromas of the country cooking drifting out of the front window.
Outside features: custom-made door, arched shutters, a fountain, aged and weathered plastered walls and exterior entrance lamp.
Inside features: blue and white tiled walls, stove alcove -complete with an old time European cook stove and pink sink. The floor is finished with French pavers.

General Illumination lighting softly lights the interior. A black wrought iron wall sconce on the back wall adds an extra glow.